Eli Litwin and Ruston Grosse have been playing music together on an off for years.  After a short time spent in an early version of Knife the Glitter, Ruston moved to Philly where the two began writing their own music together.  Around the same time, Eli and Alex Nagle met and began playing music, both in Normal Love and on their own.  The decision to all join forces was obvious.  For bass and vocals Jason Herrmann and Travis Weinand were also easy choices.  This was TIME IS LIKE A SWORD: a short lived death/black/thrash/tech metal band with only a demo recorded and 2 or 3 shows.  Lives got busier and the band just fell to the wayside.

Some time after that, Ruston and Eli started writing again and occasionally performing as the improvising metal duo Amesa Spentas.  Again, after only a few shows and a couple video demos, not much has been heard from the group.

Though neither of these groups are currently active, all members of Time is Like a Sword appear on the INTENSUS album.

Time Is Like A Sword - The Binding of the Evil Sorcerers
Time Is Like A Sword - The Reverend Undead