The core of Bring It Inside is Eli Litwin and drummer Pete Angevine.  The project began as a sort of sound collage experiment, combining a Bulgarian bagpipe choir recording with Ghanan funeral drum music, and the result was very exciting.  Soon after this successful experiment was completed, the two were asked to perform at a concert presented by experimental music series Bowerbird, along with the suggestion of adding a 3rd person to the equation.  This 3rd person ended up being NYC drummer Mike Pride and the group performed as Bring it Inside with Pride.  Over the next year or 2, Bring It Inside performed a handful of times, always with a different guest or guests.  Some were as a drum trio, while some were with other instrumentalists, from guitar and violin to a group of 5 electronic noise artists.

Bring It Inside with Ricardo Lagomasino
Bring It Inside - BulgariGhana