Past Projects

Normal Love

Experimental noise rock.

+++++Normal Love delivers a melted tundra of convulsive sound-therapy. Stoking the community since 2005, the initial conception of the group was an autonomous musical equivalent to Japanese human medical experimentation– a fuming laboratory for a kindred pool of musicians to push their own limitations, drawing upon virtually all of their creative resources, in attempt to synthesize and formulate something new without forgetting to be good. Taking cues from a variety of influences, members drew inspiration from the sounds of maverick artists working in such idioms as no wave, power electronics, outsider pop, noise, extreme metal, free improv, early industrial, and contemporary composition. After several changes in personnel, the group has now distilled into a far more severe and aesthetically focused four letter B-A-N-D. This latest gestalt is furiously working on material which is planned to be released on the follow-up to their debut LP.+++++

Normal Love is:

Eli Litwin – drums
Jessica Pavone – amplified violin/vox sometime
Amnon D. Freidlin – guitar/electronics/vox sometime
Evan Lipson – bass

Past members:

Merissa Martignoni-voice/samplers
Alex Nagle – Guitar
Carlos Santiago -Amplified Violin

Normal Love’s debut album was released by High Two in November 2007. In August, 2009, Normal Love released the “Peel” 7.”

Members have also played in bands such as Zs, Satanized, Anthony Braxton, Mary Halvorson,  Jessica Pavone, and Knife the Glitter.

Members have performed and/or recorded with various artists including: Zs, RUINS, Man Man, Pepi Ginsberg, Dr. Dog, Pauline Oliveros, Dynamite Club, Make A Rising, Thoughtstreams, Gene Coleman, Alvin Curran, Jack Wright, Forbes Graham, Katt Hernandez, and Nate Wooley.

NORMAL LOVE has shared the stage with artists such as: Matmos, Ex Models, Sun Ra Arkestra, Cousins of Reggae, Nautical Almanac, Ruins, Daughters, Zs, People, Chinese Stars, Ocrilim (Mick Barr), Aa (BIG A little a), James Plotkin, Psyopus, Weasel Walter, Tim Berne, Stinking Lizavetta , Dysrhythmia, and Genghis Tron.

NORMAL LOVE has been invited to perform at Bang on a Can Marathon, Guitar Festival @ The Stone (February 2007), Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches Festival (December 2006), the 1st annual Philadelphia POPPED! Festival (April 2007), and the Clark Park Festival (September 2007).

“NL, which recently released its debut self-titled CD on High Two, makes brutally intricate music, aggressive and perfectionist. If the Warriors had scratched past the Orphans and the Baseball Furies only to chance upon a shiv-wielding chamber ensemble, Normal Love would be perfectly cast.”
-Shaun Brady, Philadelphia City Paper




Normal Love - Lend Me Your Mouth


:::Improvised Shred Metal from NYC and Philly:::

Mea’l is a completely improvised, shred metal/noise project featuring four
stand-out members of the New York City and Philadelphia experimental music
scene. Mike Eber and John DeBlase, of NYC progressive jazz/rock trio
Zevious, team up with Philadelphia’s Nick Millevoi (Many Arms, Make a
Rising) and Eli Litwin (Normal Love, Knife the Glitter), to systematically
pulverize and reshape the fabric of the free-improv genre. Hypnotic, vicious
and brutal, Mea’l is a 37 minute minute aural assault on the senses.

A full length, 12 track release is
available on Abandon Ship Records

Wolf Kraft

Metal and electronic

Since age 12 Eli has been making music on the computer.  It all began with MIDI covers of bands like Pantera and Deftones but eventually he began writing his own music.  Through high school and the first couple years of college Eli wrote a handful of “Crazy Metal MIDI’s.”  These were intentionally uber-extreme metal compositions that would otherwise be physically impossible for humans to perform.

Once in college and thoroughly inspired by the music of Bjork, Aphex Twin and a number of other electronic artists, Eli started writing experimental electronic music.  Some of it was ambient and relaxing, some was dark and pulsing, and some was more of a sound collage.

Eli goes under the moniker Wolf Kraft (his middle name) for this solo electronic project.

Wolf Kraft - And Then I Fell Down The Stairs
Wolf Kraft - Deathgrind 2002
Wolf Kraft (electronic) - Yo
Wolf Kraft (electronic) - Sing2Me

Bring It Inside

improv drum, etc performance

The core of Bring It Inside is Eli Litwin and drummer Pete Angevine.  The project began as a sort of sound collage experiment, combining a Bulgarian bagpipe choir recording with Ghanan funeral drum music, and the result was very exciting.  Soon after this successful experiment was completed, the two were asked to perform at a concert presented by experimental music series Bowerbird, along with the suggestion of adding a 3rd person to the equation.  This 3rd person ended up being NYC drummer Mike Pride and the group performed as Bring it Inside with Pride.  Over the next year or 2, Bring It Inside performed a handful of times, always with a different guest or guests.  Some were as a drum trio, while some were with other instrumentalists, from guitar and violin to a group of 5 electronic noise artists.

Bring It Inside - BulgariGhana
Bring It Inside with Ricardo Lagomasino

Amesa Spentas / Time Is Like A Sword

Death / Black / Trash / Tech / Metal

Eli Litwin and Ruston Grosse have been playing music together on an off for years.  After a short time spent in an early version of Knife the Glitter, Ruston moved to Philly where the two began writing their own music together.  Around the same time, Eli and Alex Nagle met and began playing music, both in Normal Love and on their own.  The decision to all join forces was obvious.  For bass and vocals Jason Herrmann and Travis Weinand were also easy choices.  This was TIME IS LIKE A SWORD: a short lived death/black/thrash/tech metal band with only a demo recorded and 2 or 3 shows.  Lives got busier and the band just fell to the wayside.

Some time after that, Ruston and Eli started writing again and occasionally performing as the improvising metal duo Amesa Spentas.  Again, after only a few shows and a couple video demos, not much has been heard from the group.

Though neither of these groups are currently active, all members of Time is Like a Sword appear on the INTENSUS album.

Time Is Like A Sword - The Reverend Undead
Time Is Like A Sword - The Binding of the Evil Sorcerers


Noise improv

Tweeter was an improv noise trio consisting of Eli Litwin on drums, Alex Nagle (ex-Normal Love, Time is Like a Sword, Satanized) on guitar & electronics and Jesse Kudler on table top guitar and electronics.  Nagle and Kudler summoned layers of piercing noise out of their instruments while Litwin played blast beats.  Performances were short and very loud.

Tweeter - Technicolor Hell Compilation


Doom Metal

Burden creates an epic and crushing blend of doom, death and black metal. More progressive than your typical doom band, their sound is both oppressive and forward thinking. Waves of sonic horror lead to ominous, melodic passages, only to be brutalized once again by terrifying screams and monolithically evil guitars.


Burden - Mantle