Mr. Litwin – Metal Kidz Vol. 1

Metal Kidz Vol. 1 is the first EP in a series of heavy metal children’s music by Eli’s new solo recording project, Mr. Litwin. After many months of rocking his infant daughter to sleep while playing children’s music, he started hearing metal versions of the songs in his head. They became more and more detailed as the months went on, until he had no choice but to actually record them, and hear with his ears what was playing in his head at every bed and nap time.

This EP is dedicated to all the metal loving moms and dads out there.

Eli Litwin – guitars, bass, drums, vocals

Listen and purchase: https://mrlitwin.bandcamp.com/

John Frum – a stirring in the noos John Frum – a stirring in the noos

Darkly psychedelic and meticulously crafted, progressive death metal, with bursts of improvisation.

John Frum’s debut album, A Stirring in the Noos, was released on Relapse Records in May 2017.

Matt Hollenberg (John Zorn, Cleric)/guitar
Eli Litwin (Knife The Glitter/Intensus/Deveykus)/drums
Derek Rydquist (The Faceless)/vocals
Liam Wilson (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Starkweather)/bass

Listen and Purchase:
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Gun Muffs Gun Muffs

The debut full length album from Gun Muffs, released in 2014. Five tracks of crushing doom metal grooves and free jazz freak outs.

David Fishkin – amplified tenor saxophone
Eli Litwin – drum set

Listen and buy at  gunmuffs.bandcamp.com

Deveykus – Pillar Without Mercy Deveykus – Pillar Without Mercy

An ecstatic trip thru the world of Hasidic nigunim as seen through the intense lens of Doom Metal. Inspired by bands such as Earth, and Sunn O))), the music on this album presents classic Spiritual Melodies out of the Hasidic tradition in re-composed and re-arranged versions aimed at a heavy rock sound. This is music that blends the spiritual fire of Hasidic melodies with Albert Ayler and Dark Metal.

Order from Tzadik Records , iTunes or Amazon

Normal Love – Survival Tricks Normal Love – Survival Tricks

The long-awaited follow-up to their 2007 debut finds a much different Normal Love. The lineup has gone through several changes, members are now scattered between Philly and NYC, and the sound has evolved from a chamber-prog-metal onslaught into an uncanny no wave-industrial-new music cyborg. Still recognizable on Survival Tricks is the combination of complexity and chaos, brutality and wicked humor, reconstructed into a post-human sonic organism. —Shaun Brady / Philadelphia Citypaper

Buy it on Vinyl or CD from ugEXPLODE or Public Eyesore

Also available on iTunes and emusic

Intensus Intensus

INTENSUS is a freely improvised extreme metal album that can be described in one word: INTENSE.  The visceral instrumental performance is enhanced by each vocalist who brings his own brand of intensity to the album, making for a varied, yet flowing musical journey. Within this strong and unique artistic vision, songs range from short, violent bursts of grind and death metal, to crushing doom grooves, to complex tech metal, to experimental noise freak outs.

The first, self-titled INTENSUS album features vocals from Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried and Me), Robert Meadows (A Life Once Lost), Jesse Korman (The Number Twelve Looks Like You), Chris Alfano (East of the Wall / Postman Syndrome), Jerry Jones (Trophy Scars), Travis Weinand (Burden / Tetsuo), Evan Moore (Gypsy Wig / Birth Screams), and Ruston Grosse.  Also featured on the album, Alex Nagle (Satanized / ex-Normal Love) and Jason Herrmann (Burden / Tetsuo) lend their guitar shredding skills for 2 incredible solos.

Order now from Metal Blade Records or buy it on iTunes.

Inzinzac Inzinzac

Inzinzac’s debut album, released April 2011 on High Two Records, is a brilliant fusion of progressive rock grooves, free jazz improvisation and eastern European moods. Meticulously balancing a thin line between melody and chaos, Inzinzac has a penchant for jagged angles and gradually expanding mazes of sound that obfuscate the boundaries of composition and improvisation. A brutal and muscular document, their first album captures the raw energy the power trio has nurtured through intensive live shows and demanding group development.

Order now from High Two Records or buy it on iTunes.

Normal Love Peel 7 inch Normal Love Peel 7 inch

“Peel,” the  7” vinyl single from Philadelphia six-piece Normal Love marks a departure and transition for the band. After the quintet’s 2007 self-titled debut earned high praise from such outlets as Signal To Noise, WFMU, Paper Thin Walls, Prefix, and others, the band returned with two new recordings.

The A-side, “Peel” – written by Normal Love member Amnon Freidlin – delivers throbbing industrial blasts that covertly morph into plastic shards of notes. The track is the first to feature new member Merissa Martignoni’s wailing siren-like vocal sounds alternating with punchy yet drawling lyrics. Normal Love transforms their instruments into hyper-focused textural noise makers that don’t only sound damaged in an ultra precise way, but sound damaged and really good.

Written by Boston-based composer Forbes Graham especially for Normal Love, “Kleinman” is a bold compositional statement filled with martial rhythms and energetic melodies. Guitars, bass, violin, and percussion slash and hack their way through dense complexity. “Kleinman” seamlessly integrates the chorales of long ago, teenage marching bands, the funky grooves that dominated ’80s pop, and the spirit of death metal.

Order now from High Two Records.

Normal Love (2007) Normal Love (2007)

Normal Love’s self-titled debut album features recordings of six compositions.  The music generally has a loud and brutal approach with compositional influences ranging from African minimalism to serialism to death metal, though rarely within the same piece.  Four of the band’s members contribute pieces in their own individual styles displaying the band’s diversity of influences and its ability to incorporate them into a unified aesthetic.


Mea’l Mea’l

Mea’l is a completely improvised, shred metal/noise project featuring four stand-out members of the New York City and Philadelphia experimental music scene. Mike Eber and John DeBlase, of NYC progressive jazz/rock trio Zevious, team up with Philadelphia’s Nick Millevoi (Many Arms, Make a Rising) and Eli Litwin (Normal Love, Knife the Glitter), to systematically pulverize and reshape the fabric of the free-improv genre. Hypnotic, vicious and brutal, Mea’l is a 37 minute minute aural assault on the senses.

A full length, 12 track release is
available on Abandon Ship Records.