Project features performances from Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried and Me), Robert
Meadows (A Life Once Lost), Jesse Korman (The Number Twelve Looks Like You), Chris Alfano (East of
the Wall / Postman Syndrome) and more!

Today, hosts the
exclusive worldwide premiere of Outlast Robinsum from extreme metal act INTENSUS
featuring vocals from Tommy Rogers of BTBAM. Check out the track HEREINTENSUS’ debut self-titled full-length available in
North America on July 5th, 2011.

INTENSUS mastermind Eli Litwin talks about the track Outlast Robinsum:
“This is one of the 2 tracks on the album featuring Tommy from BTBAM. He’s the
only singer on the album that wasn’t in the studio recording his vocals with me right there so I had no
idea what he had done when I got the completed track in my e-mail. Needless to say, he exceeded
any expectations I may have had. His mix of creative vocal effects and brutal screaming fits the track
perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.”

The project, helmed by multi-talented musician/producer Eli Litwin, consists of a
myriad of guest musicians from the underground metal world. The first single, I Gave Up,
featuring Robert Meadows of A Life Once Lost fame, can be heard on The album can also
be ordered as a CD + t-shirt pre-order exclusive bundle for $21.99.

INTENSUS is an exciting and unique recording project masterminded by multi-
instrumentalist Eli Litwin, drummer of Knife the Glitter, Burden, Normal Love and
others. A resident of Philadelphia for many years, Litwin has been active in the local metal and
underground rock scenes, as well as the avant-garde/improvised music scene. Through merging and

reinterpreting these dynamic scenes, the vision for INTENSUS was born: an improvised extreme
metal album with one goal in mind—intensity.

The first, self-titled INTENSUS album features vocals from Tommy Rogers (Between the
Buried and Me), Robert Meadows (A Life Once Lost), Jesse Korman (The Number Twelve Looks Like
You), Chris Alfano (East of the Wall / Postman Syndrome), Jerry Jones (Trophy Scars), Travis Weinand
(Burden / Tetsuo), Evan Moore (Gypsy Wig / Birth Screams)
, and Ruston Grosse. Also
featured on the album, Alex Nagle (Satanized / ex-Normal Love) and Jason Herrmann
(Burden / Tetsuo)
lend their guitar shredding skills for 2 incredible solos.

About the project:
INTENSUS can be described in one word: INTENSE. The visceral instrumental
performance is enhanced by each vocalist who brings his own brand of intensity to the album, making
for a varied, yet flowing musical journey. Within this strong and unique artistic vision, songs range from
short, violent bursts of grind and death metal, to crushing doom grooves, to complex tech metal, to
experimental noise freak outs.

The process of creating INTENSUS began with one recording session in which Litwin improvised
drum tracks for the entire album; start to finish, in one take. Over the course of the next year, he
simultaneously wrote and recorded guitar tracks to build songs out of the improvised drum parts. Some
guitar sections were first take improvisations as well, while others were written and recorded within
5-25 minutes. The general idea was to keep everything as spontaneous as possible. After all guitars
were recorded, Litwin learned everything on bass and went through the same process. Once
all of the music was completed, Litwin enlisted a number of singers to contribute vocals to the
project. Each singer wrote his own lyrics but the final vocal performances were largely a collaborative
effort with Litwin in the producer chair.

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