Since age 12 Eli has been making music on the computer.  It all began with MIDI covers of bands like Pantera and Deftones but eventually he began writing his own music.  Through high school and the first couple years of college Eli wrote a handful of “Crazy Metal MIDI’s.”  These were intentionally uber-extreme metal compositions that would otherwise be physically impossible for humans to perform.

Once in college and thoroughly inspired by the music of Bjork, Aphex Twin and a number of other electronic artists, Eli started writing experimental electronic music.  Some of it was ambient and relaxing, some was dark and pulsing, and some was more of a sound collage.

Eli goes under the moniker Wolf Kraft (his middle name) for this solo electronic project.

Wolf Kraft (electronic) - Sing2Me
Wolf Kraft (electronic) - Yo
Wolf Kraft - Deathgrind 2002
Wolf Kraft - And Then I Fell Down The Stairs